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Economic development, together with bringing about technological innovation in various industries, has brought change in transportation structures and modernization of port facilities, along with remarkable progress in the import and export cargo handling business and customs clearance operations.
Our company has been engaged in the transportation business since establishment in 1955, operating under the motto of an integrated transportation system service. Ongoing, corresponding to economic development and internationalization, we aim to offer a logistics system to match the need of the times.
In this rapidly changing economic environment, we will meet all challenges, and company-wide we humbly strive to meet the needs of our customers. Thank you for your patronage.

Corporate Profile

Company name Keihin Koun Co.,Ltd.
Established 1st April 1955
Capital 230 MM JPY
Line of business
  • Port transportation business
  • Customs brokerage
  • Maritime transport business
  • Road freight trucking
  • Coastal freight transport management
  • Warehousing
Permits and Licenses
  • General harbor transport business (Keihin Port - 1 type)
  • Longshoring business (Keihin Port - 4 types)
  • Customs clearance business
  • Warehousing business
  • General road freight transport business
  • Consigned freight forwarding business - 1 type (ocean going, costal, vehicular)
  • Shipping agency business
  • Shipping brokerage business
Representative Director
Yoshie Sugai
Representative Director
Shigetaka Sugai
Senior Advisor
Akio Futamoto
- Sales promotion division director
Nobuhisa Kusajima
- Logistics department division director executive officer
Toshiya Satou
- Maritime operations division director executive officer
- Container operations division director executive officer
- Coastal operations division director executive officer
Hideto Ikeda
- General affairs division executive officer
- Finance & accounting division executive officer
- Labor administration division executive officer
Teiji Hirayama
- Part-time
Affiliate companies
Interocean Shipping Corporation
2F Shinkawa Frontier Bldg , 1-25-12, Shinkawa, Chuo ward, Tokyo 104-0033
Tel: 03-5117-3811 (International: +81-3-5117-3811)
S. International Incorporated
3F Keihin Koun Bldg, 2-1-50 Chiwakachō, Kanagawa ward, Yokohama 221-0036
Tel: 045-451-3677 (International: +81-45-451-3677)
YS Good Inc.
3F Keihin Koun Bldg, 2-1-50 Chiwaka, Kanagawa ward, Yokohama 221-0036
Tel: 045-451-2909 (International: +81-45-451-2909)
Kehico Inc.
3F Keihin Koun Bldg, 2-1-50 Chiwaka, Kanagawa ward, Yokohama 221-0036
Tel: 045-451-2909 (International: +81-45-451-2909)
Unit 1718, 17/F, Tower A, Regent Centre, 63 Wo Yi Hop Road,
Kwai Chung, NT, Hong Kong
Tel: (International: +852-2770-5166)
  Tel: (International: +86-21-6309-0355)
  Shenzhen Branch
  Room 23 B 07, Regalia Place, 4018 Jiabin Road, Shenzhen, P.R.China
  Tel: (International: +86-755-8882-8022)
Main financing banks
The Bank of Yokohama
- Motomachi branch
Mizuho Bank
- Yokohama branch
The Bank of Tōkyō-Mitsubishi UFJ
- Yokohama branch
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
- Yokohama Eki-mae Corporate Business Section
Resona Bank
- Kami-ooka branch
Japan Finance Corporation
- Yokohama branch
Aozora Bank
- Head office business unit
The Shōkō Chūkin Bank
- Yokohama branch
Main customers
  • Eastern Car Liner, Ltd.
  • Evergreen Shipping Agency (JAPAN) Corporation
  • Jizhou Shipping Company Limited
  • Komatsu Ltd.
  • Komatsu Logistics Corp.
  • Volvo Logistics Corporation Japan Co., Ltd
  • UD Trucks Corporation
  • Hitachi Transport System Sea & Air Service Co., Ltd.
  • Hitachi Transport System Vantec Forwarding Co., Ltd.
  • Marubeni Corporation
  • Marubeni Automotive Corporation
  • Kobe Bussan Co., Ltd.
  • Kyokuyō Co., Ltd.
  • Yamazaki Baking Co., Ltd.
  • National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations
  • Sōjitz Corporation
  • U.S. Navy transport command in Japan
  • U.S. Army transport command in Japan
  • Japan Ground Self-Defense Force
(listing not in alphabetical order)

Organizational Chart


April 1955 Established as a cargo handling and machine maintenance management business.
Established headquarters in Mutsuura-chō, Kanazawa ward, Yokohama city, and in the same month transferred to Chōjamachi in Naka ward.
November 1956 Transferred address of headquarters to Desuko Bldg, Yamashita-chō, Naka ward, Yokohama.
May 1961 Started ship agency business
October 1962 Transferred address of headquarters to Fukabori Bldg, Oota-chō, Naka ward, Yokohama.
January 1965 Established sales office in Sagamihara city
November 1968 Became a member of the Keihin district shipping business cooperative
June 1971 Transferred address of headquarters to Honmokufutō-1, Yokohama.
March 1978 Leased the Daikoku Pier L-7 berth from the Keihin Foreign Trade Port Authority (current Yokohama Port Corporation), and established Daikoku sales office.
January 1981 Transferred address of headquarters to 107-7 Yamashita-chō, Yokohama.
January 1991 Open business at Daikoku Pier F&C (Frozen & Chilled) Distribution Center
April 1991 Transferred address of headquarters to 2-1-50 Chiwakachō, Kanagawa ward, Yokohama.
February 1995 Setup Honmoku container terminal center at Honmoku-futō A-7.
November 2006 Enlarged by 7310m² cold storage space at Daikoku Pier F&C (Frozen & Chilled) Distribution Center, plus established a six story office.
November 2007 Performed a full renewal of the container yard of the Honmoku-futō A-7 container terminal center, changing from Straddle carrier to Transfer Crane System
May 2009 Acknowledge receipt of a letter of appreciation from U.S. Army in Japan
October 2010 Headquarters receives ISO 14001 certification
December 2011 Establishment of representative office in Guangzhou, China
January 2012 Acquisition of Interocean Shipping Corporation Inc.
February 2014 Establishment of Guangzhou Keihin Koun Logistics Co., Ltd. in China
January 2015 Acquisition of UP SWING AGENCY LTD. and UP SWING AGENCY(CHINA) LTD.