Experience and track 
record since establishment in 1955

Through our extensive network, we are able to provide a wide range of logistics activities swiftly, from shipping of cargo at the port of export and import, to delivery (unloading), and warehouse management. In addition, by combining international and domestic distribution network, we cater to the various needs of our customers.

Main service

Logistics, including large scale construction equipment and trucks
We provide comprehensive support with know-how gained through many years of experience.
Warehouse supporting four temperature classes (room, fixed, refrigerated, frozen) Daikoku Pier F&C (Frozen & Chilled) Distribution Center
Substantial facilities, meeting the various needs of our customers

Other regular services

Customs clearance services
We act as your agent in the necessary procedures for customs activities, including creation of documentation, preparing import and export reports, and payment of customs duties for imported goods.
Ship agency services
Entrusted by shipping companies, we engage in ship agency services such as compliance with procedures required by relevant government departments.
Container Terminal
Unloading and temporary storage of shipping containers.
Land transportation services
We are engaged in the transport of maritime containers, and the transport of cargo by truck.
Supply-chain support service
We are available to support our customers supply chain management

For example:
・Custody, management, and shipping for overseas warehouses
・Customs clearance, and lading and handling for export and import
・Custody, management, and shipping for Japan domestic warehouses
・Delivery of goods to designated address (delivery agent)